What We Do

NORM Ventures is a for-profit entity set up by the NORM Board to facilitate contracting with the various industry partners to bring saving to our member practices.

Pharmaceutical companies centralize purchasing and pricing through our partnership with Cardinal Health by way of the Cornerstone Rheumatology™ GPO. In addition to member savings, contracts for products can drive value to NORM itself.

Cornerstone Rheumatology GPO

NORM Ventures is a limited partner in the Cornerstone Rheumatology™ GPO. You can learn more about our partnership with Cardinal Health by clicking the button below!

Other Services


Translation Services at a reduced price through Transperfect. Many NORM practices have successfully used language translation via phone.  For more information click here!

Alex Pudney, NORM Partnership Manager
Phone: (919) 361-9200 
Email: apudney@transperfect.com
General Inquiries: NORM@transperfect.com


An online scheduling system for managing the deluge of pharmaceutical representatives requests. RxVantage is free to NORM member practices. There are also free options for the pharmaceutical representatives to use.

Contact info here
Phone: (866) 464-2157
General Inquiries:

eBlu Solutions

A single portal workflow solution for insurance benefits verification, electronic prior authorization, and financial assistance tracking for all of your office administered infusible medications.

Contact info here
Phone: (502) 373-3258
Email: information@eblusolutions.com

General Inquiries:

Our Mission

To participate in the development and operation of one or more group purchasing organizations for the benefit of rheumatology practices.

To conduct other lawful businesses and activities to benefit rheumatology medical practices or their managers.

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2730 University Blvd. West, Suite 310,
Wheaton, MD 20902 USA

Attention: Rai McElroy 

(484) 639-1241